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Watch your favourite TV shows Canada. Free movies and kids tv shows online.

Choose a channel below to watch or use the search to find your tv shows, news and documentaries.

TV stations offering free tv shows online in Canada

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ACTV    Télévision d'expession Africaine (Montreal)

A&E  Full tv shows (No full movies)

ABC SPARK   Teen soaps

AMC  Westerns and horror   (US)

APTN    Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

CANALD   Découvrez les 362 vidéos

CBC  TV  Shows and local/national news

CITYTV  Online shows and available iPad App

CMT  Country music videos

COMEDY  Network    Surprise! it's comedy shows

CTV  Click Shows tab to see if there's video available.

DISCOVERY.CA  Mostly science and technology shows

FAMILY  Kids and youth, full episodes

GLOBAL   TV shows and movies online

HGTV   Canada's Home and Garden TV

HISTORY  Canada based history from Shaw

HISTORY.COM U.S. based history

IROKO TV  Nigerian & Ghanaian shows and films Online.

KNOWLEDGE Full Length Documentaries and Dramas Online

LINK TV Connecting you to the world. News and documentaries.

MTV Music videos and TV shows

MUCH Music videos and TV shows

PBS This old house, Nova etc (US)

SHOWCASE Lost Girl, Haven etc. full episodes

SLICE Family life

SPACE Mostly sci-fi tv shows

SPIKE TV for men. Football, wrestling and muscle cars (US)

THE SHOPPING CHANNEL Live online shopping for Canadians

TOU.TV De tout, quand vous le voulez (CBC-RC)

TSN Live sports and video on demand

TVO TV shows and movies

TV5 Documentaires, webséries, fiction

WEATHER Network Weather reports and news on demand


Find your online TV shows, documentaries and news Canada

This search only covers Canadian online tv so if you find it you can watch it.

This search excludes YouTube

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Free Movies Online

CRACKLE  Free full movies (over 350)

INDIE MOVIES   From indie movies online

YOU TUBE Free movies from YouTube.

AMC Horror Fest of old Zombie B movies an a few old westerns

. Collection of old tv shows, movies, ads etc etc.

CHECK  your local public library for free movie downloads for members.  

Kids and youth online tv shows

TREEHOUSE TV shows for younger kids.

YTV 540 Videos, some full tv episodes.

NICKELODEON Full cartoon episodes.

TVO KIDS TV shows for kids under 11 (Also 2-5 yrs tab)




SPORTSCANADA    Amateur sports

Free video sources

WATCH NOW Select a subject from the list, click a video below to watch.

DOCUMENTARYHEAVEN  Documentaries. Duh!

BABELGUM Professionally-produced global videos

JOBSPEOPLEDO Student life and job info.

TUBTUB  Live streaming old tv shows and westerns etc

TED Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.

YOUTUBE also has MOVIES free and rental

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Try Nat Geo TV-Full episodes

NFB National Film Board of Canada, videos for every taste.

VIMEO Creative people passionate about sharing videos.

USTREAM  Live and recorded video broadcasting.

Religious TV online

SALT AND LIGHT Catholic Media Foundation Canada.

ISLAM CHANNEL London UK based islamic programmes.

THE BUDDHIST Buddhist Television Channel in Sri Lanka.

JEWISH TV Jewish tv in North America.

BIBEL TV Nondenominational christian TV. German.

































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